Watch City Steampunk Festival

Centered on Waltham’s beautiful Common at the corner of Main and Moody Streets, the Watch City Steampunk Festival is the great outdoor festival of the Steampunk genre—a cultural and social movement melding elements of Victorian-era history and fashion with retro-futuristic technology.

Watch City 2015 will featuring a broad array of theatrical and musical performers as well as clothing, jewelry, art, and food vendors. The Festival is will also include kids programming, making this most definitely a family friendly event, as well.




A Steampunk Artists Salon

8 to 10pm at The Center for Digital Arts, 274 Moody Street, Waltham 

From 8-10pm guests, artists and luminaries gather while viewing the work meticulous and masterful work of Steampunk craftsman Bruce Rosenbaum and Michele Poirier's Abington High School students. This artist/digital arts teacher just happens to think Steampunk can teach students how to incorporate history, literature, science, and technology into art and sculpture. We are with you Miss Poirier, STEAM on!!! Both Mr. Rosenbaum and Ms. Poirier will be giving engaging talks the following day in the same space, not to be missed!! 

Watch City personalities will be in attendance and 'THE CONUNDRUM' may begin to unfold before your very eyes. Be on the lookout for Her Majesty, The Captain or the mysterious Solomon Sedgwick. 

Libations & light hors d'oeuvres will be served. Renown craft cocktail mixologist Brother Cleve who has created a very special Steampunk inspired signature drink for the evening entitled the JABBERWOCKY.  

Tickets are $20 and may be purchased through the Swag page of this website or at the door.

Space is limited. 

Many thanks go out to Tom O'brien and The Center for the Digital Arts for their generous support of the Watch City Steampunk Festival.