Watch City Steampunk Festival

Centered on Waltham’s beautiful Common at the corner of Main and Moody Streets, the Watch City Steampunk Festival is the great outdoor festival of the Steampunk genre—a cultural and social movement melding elements of Victorian-era history and fashion with retro-futuristic technology.

Watch City 2015 will featuring a broad array of theatrical and musical performers as well as clothing, jewelry, art, and food vendors. The Festival is will also include kids programming, making this most definitely a family friendly event, as well.

Attention Sartorialists, fashionable Ladies, and all Gentlefolk of discerning Steampunk Style!

For the week prior to and the week of this year’s illustrious Festival, Vintage shall proudly offer an ample selection of authentic Victorian and Steampunk-flavoured vintage apparel, jewelry, and oddments for your  delectation. Among the period treasures you may expect to find will be: 

Parasols, Fans & Walking Sticks

Antique Bowlers, Boaters, & Fraternal Headgear 

Antique Ladies Hats

Military Uniforms

Gilt Spined Volumes by Esteemed Victorian Authors 

Gentlement’s Waistcoats 

Pocket Watches & Watch Chains 

Cameo & Hairwork Jewelry

Petticoats & Bustle Skirts

Capes & Mantles

Beaded Reticules

Wire-Rimmed Spectacles

Be sure to visit Vintage during the last week in April or the first week in May, to browse and consult upon your Wardrobing & Attirement for this year’s chapter in the renowned Watch City Steampunk Festival. 

Nor will you want to miss Vintage’s talk, “The Victorians Exposed!”, at 3 pm, May 9th in the Waltham Public Library. It will endeavor to lay bare the rather startling secrets of the Victorian mind and way of life, through examining curious and assorted artifacts of 19th century clothing and jewelry.