Lost and Found

The following items were turned in to the official Festival tents. We are posting a generic description below; if this sounds like something you are missing, please tell us more details and we'll try to get it back to you.

  • A fancy decorated hat
  • A flat cap
  • An umbrella
  • A pair of glasses
  • A decorative bow
  • A toy fish
  • A magnifier
  • A drinking mug
  • A water bottle

Thank You!

To our Sponsors, thank you for providing us the means for putting on this great Festival.

To our Vendors, thank you for providing unique and quality products for all to enjoy.

To our Performers, thank you for all the amazing and fun-filled steampunk performances.

To our Exhibitors, thank you for your time and efforts to display your passions.

To our Volunteers, thank you for your dedication and endurance.

To our Attendees, thank you for your patronage!  We hope to see you again next year!

To everyone who made this possible, from the depths of our hearts, from the core of soul, thank you for helping make this a truly awesome experience.

GREAT ways to get to the Festival!

If you're coming to the Watch City Steampunk Festival from outside Watch City, there are excellent travel options that don't require driving!

CLICK HERE for MBTA options, both bus and Commuter Rail. The Commuter Rail is a FANTASTIC option because it stops right on the Festival Grounds at Carter and Moody Street!

And... We have our own shuttle service from the Alewife terminus of the subway Red Line! CLICK HERE and scroll down on the page to learn about it and view the schedule.

We look forward to seeing you at the Festival!

Help Keep the Festival FREE!

Tickets are NOW available on-line for the

Escapement Lounge Fundraiser Soiree

We're throwing an amazing party where everyone is encouraged to free themselves in a “chaotic world of motion”. The evening's entertainment will include a musical performance by Platform One!  And proceeds go to benefit the 2016 Watch City Steampunk Festival and the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation. 

This is an 18+ event
Tickets are $15 to enter or $25  enter and to drink at our Wine, Beer, and Cider Bar ( 21+ ID required ) .
Don’t drink? Not old enough? NO PROBLEM! Water and soft drinks are free for all! 


Wait-lists for Vendors and Performers are Now Available

Thank you to the multitude of applications provided for vending and performing!  Everyone should be notified of their application status by February 15.  Accepted entities will be showcased here on our website in the coming weeks.

For those still interested, we are accepting applications for our wait-lists for performers and vendors.


Do you want to perform?  Do you want to give a lecture?  Do you want to vend?  Don't wait to signup: do it today!  Application links are live on the site, so feel free to check them out.  Also coming soon: applications for volunteering!  Check back in a few weeks for more details or catch us at Arisia!  We're still working out the details of our Arisia presence, but we will be in attendance at the very least.

Save the date!

It's official: The 2016 Watch City Steampunk Festival will be Saturday, May 7, 2016 (Rain Date May 8th, so keep that open on your calendar, too!). As with past years, the Festival will be centered on Waltham Common but with a footprint that extends down some of Watch City's surrounding streets to make for a bona fide Watch City Festival! - We the organizers (very much the same core team as 2015) are very much looking forward to putting on a great Festival with you all again in 2016!

Feeling grateful

It's nearly two weeks now since the 2015 Watch City Steampunk Festival—are we allowed to call it the 5th Annual if the Festival skipped a year?—and finally things have settled down to the point where I can begin to reflect and appreciate so many people, and things.

First and foremost, I am so grateful to the many thousands of people who flooded downtown Waltham on Saturday, May 9, 2015: You really made the Watch City Steampunk Festival. Thank you!

Photo Credit: Bobbi Lane and Lee Varis

But it takes a village to transform a village like Waltham into Watch City. It takes a strong and sustained commitment from a great many people, many of whom will forever be anonymous. I made an early effort to publicly appreciate major contributors to the reinvigoration of Watch City in an article for the Waltham News Tribune.

But on Festival Day I saw so many OTHER people adding their talents and energy, from volunteer performers to workers from the city's Consolidated Public Works and Wires Departments to the Waltham Police and Police Auxiliary who provided essential services to keep the Festival running smoothly and the Common clean throughout the day, and then to The Nelson Companies pitching in to tidy things up so well when it was over. As I pulled out of City Hall parking lot just shy of 8:00pm, I glanced over my shoulder and marveled at how there was hardly a trace of the 10,000+ strong throng, that somehow it was possible to think that I'd imagined the whole thing! - To you whose names I'll never know, 10,000 times: Thank you!

Also heretofore anonymous, however, are two people whose invisible but crucial commitment and effort revivified Watch City for the benefit of us all: Lisa Lorgeree and Doug Waybright. Titles aside (they are, respectively, the President and Vice President of the Downtown Waltham Partnership, the host entity of our Festival), the Watch City Steampunk Festival's great comeback in 2015 wouldn't have happened without Doug, who recognized the potential of the Downtown Waltham Partnership to meet the challenge of hosting our Festival and convinced the DWP to take it on after the Charles River Museum could not; and our comeback would not have been possible without Lisa, who was a one woman whirling dervish of a street team, helping secure venues, sponsors, and many other critical, hidden assets that helped Watch City steam on. To you, Lisa and Doug, I offer the thanks of the Waltham and Steampunk communities.

This shot was taken just before the Opening Ceremonies on Festival Day. From right to left, Waltham Mayor Jeannette McCarthy, Downtown Waltham Partnership President Lisa Lorgeree in her full Steampunk splendor, and Kelly Hill, an active Board Member of many Waltham nonprofits.

This shot was taken just before the Opening Ceremonies on Festival Day. From right to left, Waltham Mayor Jeannette McCarthy, Downtown Waltham Partnership President Lisa Lorgeree in her full Steampunk splendor, and Kelly Hill, an active Board Member of many Waltham nonprofits.

In closing, I want to offer up A BIG THANK YOU TO THE SPONSORS of the Watch City Steampunk Festival. Our Festival was only possible because of our Sponsors... and because of our Sponsors, the Watch City Steampunk Festival was FREE! How cool is that?

For the entire Organizing Committee of the 2015 Watch City Steampunk Festival, this was a great experience for our City and our Steampunk Community. Citizens of Waltham, Steampunk citizens of Watch City, we thank you for having us and see you next year!

- Bob Perry, Lead Organizer