Watch City Steampunk Festival

Centered on Waltham’s beautiful Common at the corner of Main and Moody Streets, the Watch City Steampunk Festival is the great outdoor festival of the Steampunk genre—a cultural and social movement melding elements of Victorian-era history and fashion with retro-futuristic technology.

Watch City 2015 will featuring a broad array of theatrical and musical performers as well as clothing, jewelry, art, and food vendors. The Festival is will also include kids programming, making this most definitely a family friendly event, as well.

Etiquette Guidelines

For the best festival experience possible, please abide by the following:

• Treat all persons with respect and kindness.
• Feel free to be boisterous, but please respect performers and Event Staff communicating festival information.
• Please ask permission from people before taking their picture, or video recording. 
• No smoking inside of tents.
• Please be considerate and dispose of your trash properly


Weapons Policy

All costume weapons not a part of a demonstration or official Festival showpiece must adhere to these guidelines:
• Please have your weapon peace-bound.
• Please have your weapon holstered at all times.
• Please abide by all local, State and national laws.  For further State information see MA General Laws, Part 4, Title 1, Chapter 269, Section 10.