Watch City Steampunk Festival

Centered on Waltham’s beautiful Common at the corner of Main and Moody Streets, the Watch City Steampunk Festival is the great outdoor festival of the Steampunk genre—a cultural and social movement melding elements of Victorian-era history and fashion with retro-futuristic technology.

Watch City 2015 will featuring a broad array of theatrical and musical performers as well as clothing, jewelry, art, and food vendors. The Festival is will also include kids programming, making this most definitely a family friendly event, as well.

The Plot. The Caper. The Conundrum!



Watch City


Festival Day.


Running Watch City is always frought with challenges.

In 2015 we find that Watch City's leaders face a conundrum:

the City's power grid is failing. What ARE we to do?

Two proposed remedies have emerged.

Discover here the personages, their stories,

and the heightening drama among them that unfolds!

In the wake of a punishing winter which saw a record number of power failures, HER MAJESTY Queen Mercy Roulette called for a hearing last week to discuss a complete redesign of Watch City’s power grid.

A presentation was given by infamous time traveler and mad-hatted aeronaut CAPTAIN EDWARD VON ARKHAM, and renowned scientist and scholar DOCTOR DAVID McMORAN WILSON detailing the redesign.

The proposed power system, developed by Von Arkham and Wilson is based off of the work of the great Nikola Tesla, and would operate on the principle of wireless energy transmission through a network of resonant transformers installed throughout the city. These transformers, or “Tesla Towers” would be built by local workers, and provide Watch City with a steady supply of clean wireless energy.

The original system, created by Nikola Tesla, was designed to sustain a global wireless network, though it was ultimately abandoned owing to lack of funding. 

The Proposed Watch City grid would be funded by a 2% tax increase on electricity. At the proposal last week, QUEEN MERCY was quoted as saying, “Watch City's in urgent crisis and the intrepid Captain has proposed a reasonable and robust solution worthy of my people.” Captain Von Arkham added, “In my time stream, Tesla’s vision was realized and the world is bright, just as it could and will be for Watch City."....