How to get to Watch City, and how to get around!

Getting TO Watch City

You can take the train (set option!) and you can take the bus (almost best option!). And of course there is some parking (somewhat more challenging option)!

Check out our post that explains the various conventional forms of transportation to the Watch City Steampunk Festival!

You can also take the Watch City Steampunk Festival Shuttle from Alewife (unique option)!

Check out our post that explains the hourly shuttle on Festival Day to and from the Red Line Alewife Station!

Getting Around Watch City

You can easily make your way on foot to the many wonderful venues that surround the Festival proper on Waltham Common, including Waltham Public Library, the Waltham Museum, the Charles River Museum, Margarita's Plaza, Lincoln Studios, and more!

But you can also take Watch City's Tick Tock Trolley that will be winding its circular route around the Festival footprint for most of Festival Day! - The dots mark the stops!