The Boston Mfg. Company

The Boston Manufacturing Company, founded by Francis Cabot Lowell in 1813, was the first fully-integrated textile mill in the United States, effectively launching the American industrial revolution. The mill's equipment was developed by the gifted machinist Paul Moody, after whom Waltham's famous Moody Street is named. 

The American Waltham Watch Company

Founded in the 1850s, the Waltham Watch Company operated for more than a century in a handsome factory that still stands today on the banks of the Charles River in Waltham. Perhaps most famously carried by President Abraham Lincoln, Waltham Watches are considered among the finest pocket watches ever made. 

The Charles H. Metz Companies

The first car to ever drive on Greater Boston's famous Route 128 was a Metz automobile, manufactured in Waltham. But it was while running the Waltham Manufacturing Company that Charles Metz encouraged engineers George Tinker and John Piper to build a "light steam buggy" known as the "Waltham Steam." 

The American Waltham Watch Company

The American Waltham Watch Company